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최근 삭제죽에 대한 당신의 생각은?

언리얼 월드

고대자료 | URW 무료전환? 영어잘하는 고게이들아 이거 뭔내용이냐...

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urw 신작 지를 생각으로 공식포럼 입장했더니 25일자 새 글이 뙇!?

활자 공포증이 있는 나로서는 한쿡어도 아니고 독해하기 싫다.. 영어잘하는 고게이들아 3줄요약 부탁함 ㅇㅇ

Sami Maaranen
Posted: Jan 25 2013, 03:12 PM


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In the near future we'll start a period of free, donation-based UnReal World releases. This will be launched hopefully as soon as in february 2013, starting with version 3.16. In the past the game has been available as a shareware with an ultimate licensing option of lifetime membership which grants access to all the future releases and upcoming additional benefits with a single payment. That is not going to disappear, ever, and will be available also for the future donors. Anyhow, going for free of charge donation-based releases is a thrilling and puzzling change which may arise some questions. I'll try to cover some of them below and will happily answer the rest either by e-mail or in this forum thread. The FAQ will be updated according to your questions and feedback. 

Q: Why, oh why, you do this?
A: Foremostly to keep up hasty release pace. Massive AI, end-game and graphics improvements are underway and I'd like to keep releasing new versions whenever substantial new features are up and running. Shortly: less licensing, more development.

Q: You mention this being a period. For how long this free period will last, and will some sort of licensing system return afterwards?
A: For now I leave this for the donors to decide. Keeping UrW completely free of charge and continuing donation based development would be sweet, don't you think? I can't affect to anything else but the development aspect of this deal, but each donation of yours is considered a signal to keep the game free and donation-based. I hope to be able to cover at least versions 3.16-3.19 this way. That's long way ahead, and I'll keep you updated along the way.

Q: I've already purchased lifetime registration. I assume whatever happens with the game or the possible future licensing options it doesn't affect lifelong memberships?
A: Correct. This is clear very for UrW pioneers: Lifetime registration is and always will be a true lifelong membership. Whatever licensing systems there might be in the future, your license is valid always and forever. Also, even if all the official versions are free of charge, there will be occasional pre-releases and test versions which are available only for those with lifetime membership. Lifetime membership is also an access to future additional content which is yet kept a surprise.

Q: Do you expect donations from us who already have purchased a lifetime membership?
A: I don't, but you decide. I only expect you to follow and enjoy what is ahead of us and thank you for the crucial, farsighted support that has made our path possible.

Q: How much to donate?
A: That is for you to decide. Depends on how much you are able and willing support the game. In the past each new version was available for a nominal fee of 2 EUR/$3 USD. At the moment, just like for the vast majority of the past two decades, UrW is my only income. Play the game, follow the development, and make up your mind. Oh, and read on...

Q: You mention pre-releases and additional content for those with lifetime membership. Now if the game turns free and donation-based is the lifetime membership period also over?
A: No. There's still lifetime membership option. Donating a certain amount, which matches former price of lifetime registration, will grant you a lifetime membership.

Q: So even if I get my lifetime membership by donating, I don't ever have to pay again even if some sort of licensing system will return?
A: Correct. No matter happens with the game or licensing you don't have to pay ever again. You have a lifetime membership, forever.

Q: I'm not that farsighted and just would like to occasionally to donate lesser amounts for the versions I play.
A: That suits many players. Thank you. Enjoy the game.

Q: But now I still need to purchase the game, either current version 3.15 or a lifetime registration?
A: Yes. We'll go donation-based when version 3.16 is released. This is a transition period but your support has the same effect whether we call it a payment (now) or a donation (in the future).

Q: I'm about to buy, or just bought this game, and concerning my license I'd like to know ***?
A: Please e-mail me: urw@iki.fi

Q: I'm happy/unhappy/curious/uncertain about *** so how about ***?
A: Please either e-mail me: urw@iki.fi - or post your question in this thread.


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