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“Obama-hyung! I think I love you!” Taemin shouts.

Obama stops in his tracks and turned toward the boy.

Taemin had never seen someone more beautiful. His tan skin, slightly graying hair, and the slight wrinkles that formed around his mouth from smiling so much were enough to make his heart stop.

Obama walked toward the frozen teenager. “H-hyung?” Taemin said just barely above a whisper.

Obama shushed him and cupped his cheek.

“Oh Taemin,” he says with an infectious smile. “You’ve certainly grown into a beautiful young adult but we cannot be together.”

Taemin can feel his heart drop into his stomach. “We just couldn’t work out. I’m the president, I’m married, and most importantly,” he pauses to pat his cheek.

“I don’t dig fat chicks.” Taemin watches as his love turns around and walks off into the sunset.

“I’ll never forget you, Obama-hyung.”

It's been years since the rejection many sunsets ago. Obama had thought he'd seen the last of his regretful affair. He was dead wrong. 


There he was, his sturdy 5'9" physique leaning softly against the doorway. Obama gasps in awe, slow ly scanning this familiar figure. The boy's dark hair swept loosely across his forehead, lying just a little over his eyebrows. The boy's smooth chocolate eyes stared patiently, yet intently like daggers back into the President's own, causing his heart to race and his blood pressure to rise. 


"Taemin," Obama whispers, secretly missing the way his name felt slipping through his lips. "I've already told you. Our love cannot, and never will be."


"Seriously? Hyung... did I ever matter to you? You've buried our love away like nothing had ever even happened... How could you..." Taemin chokes out, struggling to will his tears not to fall. "I've tried so many times before, but no other's love can fill the void my heart so passionately yearns. Please come back to me, hyung-nim. I can be a better person, I can change-"


Obama hushes the boy, caressing his cheeks with worn-out, trembling hands. "Shhh, just go. Your unattractiveness is giving me a headache. " 


Taemin felt as if his heart had slipped off the edge of a 30-story building, crashing into a million pieces onto the cold hard ground below. He had so much more to say, but yet again Taemin's fervent love was turned away by his hyung. The man who'd never failed to make his slender legs grow hot and weak upon one glance into his deep, dark, stern eyes. Those eyes, delicately enclosed with wrinkles, showcasing the only kind of wisdom that comes along with such age and experience. How could this beautiful man so easily shrug off something so precious and bring so much heartache and pain? 


The surrounding atmosphere suddenly stiffened upon the acknowledgement of Michelle's presence. 


"Barack..." She forces through clenched teeth, "What on earth is this about? You think you could just hide this from me? I at least deserve some kind of an explanation." 


As do I, Taemin thinks.


Obama freezes, his stomach dropping through the carpeted floor.  His eyes make contact with nothing but the ground as he  contemplates every decision he's ever made. He decides to deal with his wife some other time. Obama turns to the gently sobbing boy standing before him, the pitiful sight reminiscent of the young and immature boy he once was years ago.  He finally breathes out inaudibly, 

"I'm so sorry..."


Quite louder this time, the President calls out, "Security!" 


Seconds later, a large force of men suited all in black comes rushing into the oval office. Unlike the guards who eagerly hold back Taemin's fragile body, Taemin can no longer restrain his fragile emotions. He allows them to slow ly carry him away as cries out, his crystal-like tears blurring his vision:



"Never forget me, Obama-hyung."



Shattered glass,
Scattered in jagged, uneven pieces across the cold tile flooring. The picture frame was broken and rendered useless.The photo once depicting a perfect, loving couple was now stained with deep, dark crimson fingerprints. The faces were smudged away with pure hatred, beyond recognition.


"What happened to us?" Taemin sobbed. He looked down at his phone, the picture anonymously sent to him maliciously staring back. The pain brought with the image was permanently and forcibly engraving itself into his memory against his will.


Though tears blurred his vision, he focused intently on the picture. He felt large, dry lumps forming in his throat, constricting his airways and making it harder for him to breathe.


"I can’t live like this anymore," Taemin’s trembling words an inaudible whisper.


After much contemplation, the heartbroken boy decided to end things right there. He stands before the President’s residency, taking in every last detail, for this was probably his last time there.


Two simple knocks.


His buttcheeks clenched so tightly he could feel his rectum retract into his stomach. He could feel every beat of his weakened heart grow heavier with each second. He thinks to himself, What am I doing? I should have jus-


It was too late. Before he could turn back, a tall, well-built man with a soothing voice answered the door. He greeted Taemin with a large, bright smile, framed with delicate wrinkles. In a suspiciously low and husky whisper, he coos, “Oh.. what is my Taeminnie doing here all of a sudden? Did you miss me already?”


At this point, Taemin knew he was screwed. That simple greeting was enough to make him vulnerable to fall for Obama all over again. However, Taemin quickly remembered why he was there. He wouldn’t allow himself to be easily manipulated anymore.


Taemin snaps back, unable to withold his anger any longer, “Don’t you dare call me that, you have no right! You’ve lost that right from the beginning! I should have known what type of man you were. Baekbama? BAEKbama!? Even the sound of that is pure hideousness. It's not real! Such a thing doesn't even exist! What is this, some kind of sick joke?! April Fools is long overdue and-


"Babe.. chill." Obama says calmly, resting his large, over-worked hands on Taemin’s fragile shoulders. "First of all, I have no idea what this Bakebama nonsense you’re talking about.. and I would love to talk to you right now but I don’t think now is a good-"


Taemin interrupts with a trembling voice, “Enough Barack! How dare you lie to my beautiful face? I know what you did. Sadly, it took me this long to realize, but I'm grown now and I'm tired of the games.”


Before Obama could defend his unjustifiable actions, a slightly shorter, more feminine-figured male appears.


"Bae-rack, come back to bed.. I miss you, why are you leaving me so early in the morning.." 


Barack’s eyes widen to the size of Nicki Minaj's . Baekhyun should have still been sleeping.


Baekhyun rubbed away the remaining exhaustion from his eyes and looked towards the stranger standing before him.


"...Who is this? Why is he here?"


Taemin gasped and turned to Barack, "So it's true... What about us? Was everything a lie?"


Obama tensed and replied sternly, "There was never an us. There never has, and there never will be. I don't know why you've tried so hard this whole time. I'm a man; I have needs, and they don't involve you. Not anymore. So please, just leave, and never think of coming back."


Taemin fell to his knees and clutched at his chest. Every word spoken was like a dull bullet puncturing his already broken heart. 


"Why must you always push me away? I don't know what I'm doing wrong because everything about me is just so right-


"Stop.. please. When will you get it? I push you away because I don't want you anywhere near me. I don't even want to breathe the same air as you," Obama snaps.


"Yeah, your air kind of stinks. Did you even brush your teeth before you came here?" Baekhyun adds. "Is this thing seriously what I'm competing with? How pathetic." Baekhyun rolls his eyes and heads back inside.


Taemin rises back on his feet. "I hate you. I seriously do hate you, Obama-hyung. I hate you for lying to me, for playing with my heart, for hurting me so much. I hate you for making me waste my effort on you and I hate you for never, not even once, thinking about how I feel. But most of all, I hate you because even if I told you a 100 reasons why I hated you, I could find 101 reasons more to tell you why loved you. None of this probably even matters anyway, so I'm sorry for wasting your time, like you've wasted all of mine. Goodbye, Barack," he declares with finality. "You aren't even my style."


Obama watches regretfully as the boy sadly turns away. He has the urge to stop him and beg for him back, but decides not to complicate things any further. 


I can't believe it turned out like this, Taemin-ah, but it's better off this way, Obama thinks. Baekhyun was nothing compared to me. Nothing compared to what you were to me. It pains me to know that I hurt you. I just don't want you to suffer any longer. You deserve to be happy, I just hope you know that this was real. 


Now miles away, Taemin whispers his last farewell:


"I think it's finally time for me to forget you...



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